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Spanish Flu, Covid and Vaccines

People seem to be very careless about just how important this pandemic is so I will use the information presented from the 1918 Spanish Flu (or H1N1) Pandemic as a reference. Now that one has been dubbed as the worse pandemic in recent human history with amount of approximately 50 million people dying of the virus worldwide. With 500 million people contracting the disease which was approximately one-third of the population of the world at the time. In a comparison of the Covid-19 virus, we have,

Religion and Politics: A Letter to Scott Morrison

Take me by the hand and let me tell you a story of a man who thought he was God’s gift to, well, Australia. There is a certain person who has a very high position in the government who believes that he was anointed to this position because of the God that he pays lip service to.

Whilst I have no issues with a person’s personal belief system, as I hope none take issue with mine. I do, however find it disgraceful to this very country to stand as the Prime Minister and give sermons while flaunting

Women demanding respect in the workplace isn’t being “emotional”

It seems, to some so-called journalists, they consider women who have to remind men to be respectful in the workplace as being “emotional” has shown exactly why there was a Woman’s March after the mishandling on the Brittany Higgins issue in Parliament House. They expect us womenfolk to be quiet. To be any louder than that is being “emotional”. Well, I would be angry if I was grabbed on the buttocks by a fellow worker and being hit with suggestive talk. I would be angry if I was raped by someone

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Annasis Liz Kelly is a mother of six who uses her experiences and understanding of the world in her articles, stories, music and other areas in her work life.

She is also a Human Rights Activist, an egalitarian, neurospicy and part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

She also loves to learn about all sorts of different things.